Replacing your bull in 24 hours

The unthinkable happens… in the middle of breeding season your bull dies in an accident.  All of us have either experienced it, or known someone who has.  You need a replacement bull right now.  Your first thought is: “The good ones are all gone.  Where do I start now?”

You can have some peace of mind if you have ever bought a bull from Pedro’s Angus.  We understand TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE when it comes to getting a replacement bull.  Every day without the bull can mean an extra breeding cycle and longer calving season.

All current or previous buyers can get a replacement bull within 24 hours.  Of course we can’t replace the bull for free when the tree falls on him.  What we do, is offer you a bull of high quality that can be at your farm within 24 hours.

We just want you to know you can always count on us to be there when you need help.